Samsung held go an event metaverse.

Samsung is all set to announce its Galaxy S22 line of phones, alongside new Tab S8 tablets today and this time the event will also be streamed in the Metaverse along with Facebook, Twitch, Tiktok. The unpacked event will be held in downtown New York City location within Decentraland, called 837X.

Metaverse is attracting everyone’s attention quickly, even those who are not directly linked to it, That’s why it was the best place for world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers to launch its new iconic smartphone model.

What is Samsung 837X?

Samsung 837 is New York City’s premier experience centre. 837X was added by Samsung 837X to virtually explore the metaverse and to conduct and enjoy various events in online mode.

837 X is a completely mesmeric experience which is used to host many launch events and live concerts. To enjoy it you can simply enter Decentraland using your system’s browser. Samsung 837X is a block chain associated virtual world, where you can purchase exclusive digital assets, like property and wearables. Users can also shop their favourite outfits from the venue.

Credits: Samsung

How to watch the launch event?

The launching event of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 will be conducted in virtual mode. Those who are interested can watch this event in numerous ways like they can watch It on the company’s Youtube channel. It’ll be streamed there live. You can also enjoy this event via their official website.

As Samsung has also planned to host this event on metaverse too so interested people can also attend it on Samsung 837X. All you have to do for this is that you have to connect yourself to Decentraland. Once you’re well connected then your character will be dropped in front of the virtual building of Samsung 837X. You can enter the building via doors to explore the building and enjoy the launching event.

Credits: Forbes

Features in Galaxy S22

For a very long time, Samsung is using glasstic for its premium smartphone and gadgets. But the trend may change this year. Samsung may feature a glass back for Galaxy S22. Samsung can combine the old note series with the new Galaxy S22. It has been hinted at in the teaser. So contrary to curved edges, we can see some boxy designs. There may be some upgrades in the camera designs but the basic design will be the same.

Well, these are just the speculations, Samsung has a lot to reveal tonight. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this grand launching ceremony. Stay tuned with us for further updates.



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