Robinhood 502 bad gateway

NSG and route with the backend VMGet-AzEffectiveNetworkSecurityGroup -NetworkInterfaceName nic1 -ResourceGroupName testrg Get-AzEffectiveRouteTable -NetworkInterfaceName nic1 -ResourceGroupName testrg

  • Check presence of custom DNS in the VNet. DNS can be checked by looking at details of the VNet properties in the output.

Get-AzVirtualNetwork -Name vnetName -ResourceGroupName rgName DhcpOptions : { “DnsServers”: [ “x.x.x.x” ] }

If present, ensure that the DNS server can resolve the backend pool member’s FQDN correctly.

Problems with default health probe


502 errors can also be frequent indicators that the default health probe can’t reach back-end VMs.

When an application gateway instance is provisioned, it automatically configures a default health probe to each BackendAddressPool using properties of the BackendHttpSetting.

Troubleshooting bad gateway errors in application gateway

When this happens, users are directed to an error page.

► What causes the 502 Bad Gateway Error?

There are myriads of reasons for the 502 bad gateway error. It could be that the server is congested or that the error was caused by a network issue between the two servers.
Furthermore, the error could be caused by a misconfigured firewall or a coding fault, and the issue will only be rectified once the configuration error is fixed.

► How do you know it’s a 502 Bad Gateway Error?

Each website has its own way of indicating the 502 Bad Gateway. It implies that different web servers have different descriptions for this problem.

Examples of the 502 Bad Gateway Error

Some of the examples of the 502 bad gateway error are as follows:

  1. Error 502
  2. 502.

502 error while using the python api #4

Bundan emin olmak için bilgisayarınızda bulunan farklı bir tarayıcı aracılığıyla hata mesajı görüntülediğiniz sayfaya giriş yapınız. Eğer problem devam ediyorsa diğer adıma geçiniz.

Bilgisayarınızı Yeniden Başlatın

Bilgisayarınızı yeniden başlatmak, aynı zamanda tüm servisleri de yeniden başlatmak anlamına gelmektedir.
“504 Bad Gateway” hatasına neden olan bir servis yeniden başladığında bu hata ile tekrar karşılaşmayacaksınız.

Modeminizi Yeniden Başlatın

Modeminizi yeniden başlatmak zaman zaman “504 Bad Gateway” hatasını çözüme kavuşturabilmektedir.

DNS Sunucularınızı Değiştirin

Eğer özel bir DNS sunucusu kullanıyorsanız da “504 Bad Gateway” hatası alabilirsiniz.

The 502 Bad Gateway issue is a typical HTTP status code that affects all browsers and devices. And in this post, we’re going to talk about the 502 bad gateway error and how to fix it.

So, ready to find out?

Let’s take a look at what it implies and how to fix it.

Table of Contents

What is the 502 Bad Gateway Error?What causes the 502 Bad Gateway Error?How do you know it’s a 502 bad gateway error?Examples of the 502 Bad Gateway Error11 Ways to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error1.

Try reloading the page2. Open the new browser3. Clear cache files4. Look for faults with server connectivity5.

Deleting your browser’s cookies may help6. Make sure there haven’t been any DNS changes7.

Robinhood 502 bad gateway

No user input is required to set this probe. Specifically, when a load-balancing rule is configured, an association is made between a BackendHttpSetting and a BackendAddressPool. A default probe is configured for each of these associations and the application gateway starts a periodic health check connection to each instance in the BackendAddressPool at the port specified in the BackendHttpSetting element.

The following table lists the values associated with the default health probe:

Probe propertyValueDescriptionProbe URLhttp:// pathInterval30Probe interval in secondsTime-out30Probe time-out in secondsUnhealthy threshold3Probe retry count. The back-end server is marked down after the consecutive probe failure count reaches the unhealthy threshold.


  • Host value of the request will be set to

Now, what shall you do???

► What is the 502 Bad Gateway Error?

A 502 Bad Gateway Error shows that the web server you’ve connected to is functioning as a proxy for relaying data from another server, but that server has returned a bad response. The status code used by the webserver to describe such type of issue is 502; hence it’s termed a 502 error.

HTTP status codes indicate a server error. Besides 502, the other codes include, 500, 501, 503, 504, 505, 507, 508, 510, and others. They don’t occur due to the user’s fault.

Simply put, the request you made was valid, but the server could not generate the required resource.
A 502 Bad Gateway Error indicates that something is wrong with the server connectivity for a website. However, it’s a general error that doesn’t exactly tell you what’s wrong with the website.

Robinhood 502 bad gateway что это значит

Bien que dans très peu de cas nous puissions résoudre cette erreur nous-mêmes, nous allons vous donner quelques conseils pour essayer d’entrer dans un site web qui renvoie cette erreur.

Comment résoudre l’erreur 502 ou Bad Gateway ?

Normalement, ce type d’erreur est temporaire. La première chose à faire est donc d’attendre quelques minutes et de réessayer d’accéder à la page Web.

Dans la plupart des cas, cela suffit pour que la page Web se charge à nouveau normalement. Si vous attendez quelques minutes et que cela ne fonctionne pas, vous pouvez essayer de vous connecter à votre smartphone en utilisant une autre connexion Internet, au cas où le problème se situe dans le cache du navigateur.

Une autre solution possible est de supprimer le cache de votre navigateur web.

Robinhood 502 bad gateway перевод на русский

In addition to the preceding troubleshooting steps, also ensure the following:

  • Ensure that the probe is correctly specified as per the guide.
  • If the application gateway is configured for a single site, by default the Host name should be specified as, unless otherwise configured in custom probe.
  • Ensure that a call to http://<host:<port<path returns an HTTP result code of 200.
  • Ensure that Interval, Timeout, and UnhealtyThreshold are within the acceptable ranges.
  • If using an HTTPS probe, make sure that the backend server doesn’t require SNI by configuring a fallback certificate on the backend server itself.

Request time-out


When a user request is received, the application gateway applies the configured rules to the request and routes it to a back-end pool instance.

Robinhood 502 bad gateways

When you use custom probes, you can configure the probe interval, the URL, the path to test, and how many failed responses to accept before marking the back-end pool instance as unhealthy.

The following additional properties are added:

Probe propertyDescriptionNameName of the probe. This name is used to refer to the probe in back-end HTTP settings.ProtocolProtocol used to send the probe.

The probe uses the protocol defined in the back-end HTTP settingsHostHost name to send the probe. Applicable only when multi-site is configured on the application gateway.

This is different from VM host name.PathRelative path of the probe. The valid path starts from ‘/’. The probe is sent to <protocol://<host:<port<pathIntervalProbe interval in seconds.

This is the time interval between two consecutive probes.Time-outProbe time-out in seconds.
Ошибка 502 Bad Gateway возникает, когда сервер, к которому вы подключены, выступает в роли посредника, передающего информацию от другого сервера, и получает некорректный ответ. 502 — это код состояния HTTP, который использует сервер для описания ошибки.

Некорректные ответы могут поступать нескольким причинам.

  • Перегруженность сервера или плохое сетевое соединение между двумя серверами — это может быть временная проблема.
  • Неправильно настроенный брандмауэр или ошибка в коде — ситуация не изменится, пока эти проблемы не будут решены.

Сообщение об ошибке 502 выглядит по-разному на каждом сайте, и ее название тоже иногда различается.

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