Polygon to harmony bridge

Can I bridge Crypto from the Polygon Mainnet to Harmony One?

Yes, there are three bridging protocols that allow bridging between these two networks, Synapse Protocol, SpookySwap and Allbridge. Below we will highlight what bridging options you have available on each platform.

Synapse Protocol allows users to bridge directly between both chains, has 5 bridging tokens and takes under a minute to complete bridging.SpookySwap doesn’t allow direct bridging, you will need to transfer your assets from Polygon to Fantom and then Fantom to Harmony One, making it a longer and more expensive process.Allbridge allows direct bridging between the networks but only allows users to bridge their native token ABR. In addition to having one token, the bridging process takes 30 minutes to complete.

We recommend using Synapse Protocol as if offers the fastest bridging speeds, lowest fees and largest selection of bridging tokens.

How to bridge Cryptocurrencies from Polygon to Harmony One?

In the below example we use USDC as the bridging token but you may also send USDT, DAI, SYN & nUSD. Follow the steps to begin bridging your tokens from the Polygon Mainnet to the Harmony One network.

  1. Go to Synapse Protocol and connect your Metamask Web3 wallet
  2. Select Polygon & Harmony as your two networks
  3. Input the amount of USDC you want to bridge
  1. Confirm the transactions in your Metamask and the funds will arrive within a minute

Harmony One & Polygon RPC Details for Metamask

Below you can find the RPC details for the Polygon Mainnet and Harmony One network. To add these chains to your web3 wallet, simply click ‘Add Networks’ in your networks dropdown menu on Metamask and fill in the details as per below:

  • Network Name: Polygon
  • New RPC URL:https://polygon-rpc.com
  • Chain ID: 137
  • Currency Symbol: MATIC
  • Block Explorer URL: https://polygonscan.com/
  • Network Name: Harmony Mainnet
  • New RPC URL: https://api.harmony.one
  • Chain ID: 1666600000
  • Currency Symbol: ONE
  • Block Explorer URL:https://explorer.harmony.one/

Bridging Fees: Polygon to Harmony

Bridging between any networks can be pretty expensive, but not on Synapse Protocol. Synapse is one of the few DEXs (decentralised exchange) that offers fast and affordable bridging. The total cost to bridge cryptocurrencies from the Polygon network to Harmony one is around $5AUD.

If that’s too high, you can opt out the bridging token for SYN (the native token of Synapse) and you will be guaranteed 0% slippage and a small 1SYN bridging fee. In total costing around $3AUD to bridge. Synapse offers 0% slippage and low fees when users send SYN as they want to incentivise investors to buy its native token. If you want to buy SYN you can get it on SushiSwap.

Is Synapse Protocol safe?

Synapse protocol is considered one of the safest bridging protocols and that can be backed by its impressive $10B in bridging volume. Which speaks for itself and backs the security of the protocol. It is also one of the few DEXs that offer 24/7 Live Support directly through Twitter.

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