John deere tractors price

john deere tractors price

When it comes to buying a tractor for your diverse farm needs, one might face confusion about what to buy? Versatile, powerful, and efficient – John Deere is one such brand that is just right to tackle all these tasks.

Started with the motto “To help customers be as productive and produce high yield as possible” John Deere (inventor of the machine) himself was a blacksmith who first discovered the ingenious steel plough. And keeping the same purpose in mind, he entered the tractor industry and introduced 2 tractors named Waterloo boy and the John Deere tractor in the year 1918.

Though John Deere Tractor’s cost is somewhat higher than other farm tractors yet it has forever been known as an advanced powerful beast among the work vehicles and this makes it worth the cost. The brand offers a variety of tractors to choose from as they understand exactly what different types of farming requires.

The fortune 500 company known for designing innovative products throughout the world, John Deere tractors have exclusive features of fuel-efficient capacity, coolant reservoir system, helical gears with collar shift transmission, magnificent tire designs, easy financing, the function of a digital hour meter and many more.

So, here we are with all the key specifications and the 2022 price list of Tractors from john deere.

John Deere Tractors:

John Deere Utility Tractors Price:

Powerful, robust, versatile – John Deere utility tractors are built to provide ultimate performance. This range of tractors packed with high torque are always ready to handle hard tasks related to landscaping, gardening, small farming, and hobby farming jobs. Available from value specs, 23 hp series-1 sub compost tractors to high horsepower 6 series tractors, these models are best known for simple maintenance, expanded solace, and additional efficiency

Here are all the new John Deere Utility tractor models with their base approximate prices:

Model NameHPPrice (Approx.)John Deere 1023 E Tractor22 HPA$17801John Deere 1025 R Tractor24 HPA$20490John Deere 2025 R Tractor24 HPA$23825John Deere 2038 R Tractor37 HPA$35271John Deere 3038 E Tractor37 HPA$32312John Deere 3033 R Tractor32 HPA$34457John Deere 3039 R Tractor38 HPA$38064John Deere 3046 R Tractor45 HPA$44217John Deere 4044 R Tractor43 HPA$45749John Deere 4066 M Tractor49 HPA$52061John Deere 4066 R Tractor49 HPA$58035John Deere 5076 EN Tractor75 HPNAJohn Deere 5085 GV Tractor75 HPNAJohn Deere 5075 GN Tractor75 HPA$81617 John Deere 5100 GN Tractor100 HPA$90076Row Crops Tractor Price:

Packed with powerful performance and versatility. John Deere Row tractors are designed with high horsepower ranging between 140 to 400 to handle the heavy-duty tasks and large implements

The model options are excellent choices to handle hard terrain operations, and transportation applications, ensuring comfort and ease of use for a long day at the farm.

Model NameHPPrice (Approx.)John Deere 6R145 Tractor145 HPA$220890John Deere 6R150 Tractor150 HPNAJohn Deere 6R155 Tractor155 HPA$242317John Deere 6R175 Tractor175 HPA$ 253640John Deere 6R230 Tractor230 HPA$352287John Deere 6R250 Tractor250 HPA$369624John Deere 7R210 Tractor210 HPA$330902John Deere 7R310 Tractor310 HPA$425405John Deere 7R270 Tractor270 HPA$393834John Deere 7R230 Tractor230 HPNAJohn Deere 8R370 Tractor370 HPA$586725John Deere 8R400 Tractor400 HPA$6107434WD/Track Tractors Price:

The premium 9 series John Deere tractor model ranges from 370 to 640 HP. The models available in four-wheel, two-track, and four-track configurations are the best choice delivering excellent performance, exceptional power, and integrated Precision Ag intelligence.

Available in three model series, they offer multiple features you need to take care of your land.

Model NameHPPrice (Approx.)John Deere 9R370 Tractor370 HPNAJohn Deere 9RT470 Tractor470 HPA$489823John Deere 9RT520 Tractor520 HPA$586215John Deere 9RT570 Tractor570 HPA$627832John Deere 9590RX Tractor590 HPNAJohn Deere D Series Tractors:

John Deere D series offers a range of the most powerful tractors for sale coming from the brand. Packed with excellent performance and modern features, the series tractors range between 36 to 50 HP.

Besides the power Pro and value +++ models, John Deere offers a large variety of 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive tractors.

They are stacked with strong and reliable engines to complete all agriculture tasks with ease. John Deere D series have exceptionally advanced features that make the model tough, flexible, and powerful.

John Deere E Series Tractors:

Some of the most efficient and reliable tractors come from the John Deere E series tractors. Packed with high-tech features, and advanced technologies, these series of tractors are best suited for various farm applications. These tractors consist of powerful turbocharged engines delivering higher lift capacity, and exceptional power used in sustainable farm needs. Both robust and powerful – the John Deere E Series tractor horsepower ranges between 50 HP to 75 HP. Keeping top-of-the-line performance and solid style, one can easily find heavy-duty, 2 wd or 4 wd tractors, AC cabin tractors, ROPS, durable engines, and efficient braking systems in this series.

What is John Deere’s most popular tractor?

Tailored to fit every type of farming, John Deere specialty tractor models are the best tractor in Australia for all small and mid-size operations. Choose among 5EN – narrow, high crop – high clearance, 5GV- Super-narrow, 5GN – Narrow, or 5GF – wider row series tractors for the top class performance and features you need to get a unique task done in no time.

Improved ergonomics, exceptional design, impressive features, and the renowned qualities of a John Deere tractor make it the popular choice for everyday operations.

Wrap up:

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Hope you have got all the information regarding the updated John Deere Tractor Pricing List for 2022 and the specifications of all models. We feature both new and old tractors from the house of Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Kubota, Case IH, Fiat, International, Fendt, Deutz Fahr, David Brown, Ford, Antonio Carraro, Iseki, Mahindra, Claas, Valtra, and Chamberlain, and many other renowned brands.

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