Ethereum to polygon bridge

Also, you want to avoid burning your money on high ETH gas fees when dealing with NFTs on Ethereum.

Consequently, the cheapest way to trade NFTs will be to buy MATIC right away. Therefore, it’s best to sign up at a crypto exchange like Binance or Kucoin to start your journey.

Choosing the right exchange depends on your location in the world and maybe the fiat currency you have to deposit. To summarize, what are the steps if you need to buy crypto first? In short the process:

  • Deposit USD/EUR to Binance or Kucoin
  • Swap USD/EUR for Bitcoin(BTC)
  • Trade BTC for MATIC coins
  • Withdraw MATIC to Polygon wallet
  • Start trading NFTs on Polygon

Final words

Shopping NFTs on the Polygon blockchain is a very good alternative if you want to avoid paying high gas fees on Ethereum.

Ethereum to polygon bridge

Polygon facilitates the belief of “Web3.0 for all!”, and Polygon Bridge is the means to do just that. Polygon, as we know, is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform, enabling developers to develop scalable user-friendly decentralized applications.
It solves the impending blockchain issue of high transaction fees without ever compromising on security.

With the increasing number of blockchains in the crypto space, sharing data and crypto tokens among different blockchain networks has been truly challenging. The Polygon Bridge is designed in such a way that it increases interoperability between the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains.

Ethereum to polygon bridge fees

It allows users to transfer tokens from Ethereum ERC20 to Polygon MATIC, which is its native token and also the cheapest way to bridge ETH to Polygon.

The PoS Bridge is the most direct way of transferring ETH and most of the commonly used ERC tokens. It employs the Proof-of-Stake consensus to secure its network.
The deposits on the PoS Bridge are secured instantly, but the withdrawals usually take between 45 minutes and 3 hours to get confirmed.

The Plasma Bridge is more suited to those developers that require a higher level of security. It uses the Ethereum Plasma scaling solution and also supports the transfer of MATIC, ETH, ERC-20, and ERC-721tokens.

Ethereum to polygon bridge metamask

Will require you to pay $0.02 approximately as a transaction fee.

Step 5: After crossing all the checkpoints of the Matic Bridge, you will have to pay the gas fee, then wait for the transfer to be confirmed on Ethereum. Once this is done, the transfer from Polygon to Ethereum will be completed successfully.

Bridge from Polygon to Eth using Hop Protocol

The bridge allows users totransfer tokens easily between layer-2s, sidechains, and layer-1 Ethereum.
Including Ethereum mainnet and Polygon, Hop protocol also supports xDAI, Optimism, and Arbitrum. To use his bridge to convert tokens from Polygon to Ethereum, there are some steps you must follow:

Step 1: Head to the Hop Protocol website throughthis link.Connect your wallet.

Eth to polygon bridge gas fee

NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. By doing this you avoid the high transaction fees for transferring ETH to Polygon and you can use the speed of the Polygon blockchain straightaway.How to get ETH on Binance

First, you need to know how to get ETH on Binance in the first place. Here are the simple steps:

  • Create a free account at Binance
  • Go to ‘Wallet‘ and then choose ‘Overview
  • Next click on yellow ‘Deposit’ button
  • Now choose ‘Deposit Crypto
  • Select ETH as coin
  • Give for Network ‘Ethereum(ERC20)
  • An ETH wallet address will automaticly be generated

Finally, you can use this ETH wallet address to send your ETH to when using your Metamask wallet.

Remember, this guide is not focused on how to trade cryptocurrency at Binance.

Eth to polygon bridge metamask

To use his bridge to convert tokens from Polygon to Ethereum, there are some steps you must follow:

Step 1:Head to the Polygon website throughthis link, and click ‘Polygon Bridge

Step 2: Connect your Metamask Wallet. Make sure you have installed Metamask on your computer.

Step 3: Once you enter, you will have to click the bridge button situated on the left-hand side.
Select the token you want to transfer from Polygon to the blockchain of your choice. Make sure to double-check the amount before clicking ‘transfer’.

Step 4: It will appear relevant information such as the approximate time.
It shows how long will take to make the transfer if choosing either PoS or Plasma. Then, when clicking ‘continue’ it will appear a transfer overview that once confirmed.

Eth to polygon bridge fee

The Plasma Bridge will automatically be selected for the transaction.

  • As usual, read the Important notes before hitting continue.
  • You will then be able to review the estimated gas fee for this transaction and if you agree with the costs, click continue to proceed and check the transaction details.
  • Click continue, and a pop-up will appear for you to confirm the transaction. Click confirm, and you’ll see the transfer in progress.
  • Once your transaction is validated on the Ethereum blockchain, you must confirm a second transaction to start the challenge period.

Cheapest eth to polygon bridge

Polygon uses delegated staking or locking coins(wallets) at many different nodes over the entire network. Indeed, this way of handling transactions has two main benefits:

  • the Polygon network is easy to scale(10000 TPS*)
  • zero waste of electricity and therefore sustainable for the environment

* TPS: Transactions per Second

Polygon vs Ethereum: Transactions & Costs

☑️Event💰Ethereum💰PolygonTransfer ETH$3,25$0,0000375NFT transfer$7,70$0,0000885ETH(ERC-20) swap$20,00$0,000230Add liquidity$21,50$0,000250Sign up at$60,00$0,000700

Cheapest options to transfer ETH to Polygon

Again, as explained earlier the gas fees on the Ethereum network can be outrageous, and therefore it’s wise to look for a cheaper alternative when shopping NFTs.

Best eth to polygon bridge

Ethereum Goerli testnet as specified in truffle-config.js.

# Verify your root Ethereum ERC-20 contract on Etherscan

Once your contract is deployed, you can view it online at Etherscan(opens new window).

Before you submit a mapping request to bridge your root Ethereum ERC-20 contract to the Polygon PoS commit chain, you must verify the contract on Etherscan.

  1. Flatten your contract code

Since your ERC-20 contract uses imported OpenZeppelin libraries, you must put all the imports into one .sol file to make Etherscan be able to verify it.

Install Truffle Flattener(opens new window).

In the contracts directory, run:

npx truffle-flattener myL2token.sol flatmyL2token.sol

  1. Clean up the licensing information.

The flattened contract will have the same licensing note imported from each of the files.

Cheap eth to polygon bridge

It also removes the first-price auction method for calculating network fees, which leads to better cost estimations. However, it does not reduce gas prices.

The Polygon team stated that, just like Ethereum, the supply of MATIC is likely to become deflationary with 0.27% of the total supply being burned every year, according to estimations.

There is a fixed supply of 10 billion MATIC tokens with 6.8 billion currently in circulation.

Final Thoughts

The Polygon Bridge brings users an alternative way to experience different DeFi platforms and DApps available on the Polygon network. The interoperability of the Polygon Bridge allows its users to transfer their assets between Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

It will be interesting to see, being a layer-2 blockchain, whether Polygon will be able to maintain the benefits it offers or not.

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