Best wallet for altcoins

In its basic form, a mobile altcoin wallet is an app that allows users to store their private keys and access it on the go. In other words, you can simply get yourself a mobile altcoins wallet, create a private key, and access your holdings via your mobile phone anywhere in the world. Even better, you can use some mobile altcoin wallets to pay at retail stores that accept crypto. With mobile altcoin wallets that support multiple coins, you can put all your crypto holdings into one wallet and access them at any given time. On the downside, there are security threats associated with using mobile altcoin wallets. A stolen phone could expose the owner to crypto thefts.

Best wallet for altcoins

Even though hardware wallets such as this are already safer than other alternatives, Trezor incorporates two-factor and FIDO2 authentication methods as well. The functionalities of this device become endless once you connect it to your smartphone. In this way, you will find a growing range of apps that add extra features and convenience to your Model One.


ProsCons• Supports over 100 coins and tokens • Free to set up • Available for desktop, Android and iOS • Offers trading apps and live charts• Charges relatively higher conversion fees • Less secure than hardware wallets

Exodus is a desktop and mobile wallet which ranks as one of the best Altcoin wallets for user experience.
Popular amongst Altcoin traders, the free wallet provides live price charts and the ability to buy and sell Altcoins directly.

Best wallet for altcoins reddit

They are not free, however, they provide superior security by staying disconnected from the Internet most of the time. On the flip side, a hot wallet is normally free, however, this also means that it’s less secure.

Furthermore, hot wallets can be split into the following categories:

  • Desktop Wallet – A cryptocurrency wallet that is downloaded onto your computer. Such wallets might work across operating systems or be limited to just Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Mobile Wallet – This wallet is installed into your smartphone and allows you to send and receive coins with a simple Wi-Fi connection.

Best crypto wallet for altcoins

The altcoin market is booming, with countless coins from all leading crypto trends right now, including the NFT projects, DeFi, metaverse, and more. If you are only getting into crypto now — do not worry, you are still quite early on, and there are plenty of opportunities to be had.

However, before you can get into investing and trading your favorite altcoins, you first need a wallet for the — one that would keep your coins safe and available whenever you need them.

Another thing to note is that it is always a good idea to diversify your portfolio, but using different wallets for different coins is overly complicated and often quite limiting.

Best cold wallet for altcoins

Why is Choosing the Best Altcoin Wallet so Important?

Soon after Bitcoin was invented, Altcoins started appearing around the world. The premise of each coin’s success was that it improved upon Bitcoin’s protocol. For example, Ethereum took the concept of Blockchain and introduced a decentralised platform where anyone can develop custom apps.
Litecoin, meanwhile, is similar to Bitcoin in many ways, but provides faster transaction speeds, making it more convenient for payments.

Whilst many Altcoins were designed to be better than Bitcoin in certain ways, others were simply created as a joke or worse, as a scam. In a similar way, there are hundreds of Altcoin wallets available, and whilst many are reliable and genuine, some are unprofessional, and others are just a front for fraudsters.

Best hardware wallet for altcoins

It supports over 100 different coins and tokens and offers a choice of optional apps to enhance your trading experience and manage your wealth.

This Altcoin wallet is non-custodial, which means that it is solely up to the user to safeguard passwords and recovery phrases. Without these, access to funds is lost forever. However, for the trader who is eager to invest in Altcoins, Exodus has a lot to offer, including on-the-go trading directly from its mobile app.

Indacoin Wallet

ProsCons• Supports over 100 coins and tokens • Offers direct Altcoin purchase or conversion • Available for Android and iOS • Recovery option available• Android app has a reputation for bugs • Less secure than hardware wallets

Indacoin Wallet is a mobile Altcoin wallet available for both Android and iOS devices.

Best hot wallet for altcoins

Although it is not free, the value it brings far exceeds its initial cost. Supporting over 1,100 different coins and ICO tokens, it is unlikely that you will ever need to search for an additional wallet due to unsupported coins. Moreover, it is extremely safe, only connecting to the Internet during transactions.

However, to offset the inconvenience that this brings, Ledger offers Live, a convenient desktop app to monitor and effect transactions faster.

Users who are seeking the benefits of the Nano S but would like to be able to connect to the Ledger Live mobile app should instead go for the Nano X.


As cryptocurrencies continue to evolve, so too will the best Altcoin wallets. Whilst there are numerous other options available to buy, sell, and store coins and tokens, the wallets featured on this page have been found to be reliable, reputable, and trustworthy.

Best crypto wallet for altcoins reddit

The best Altcoin wallets for mobile work on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Browser Wallet – This wallet lets you access your funds and perform transactions directly from your browser without needing to download any software.
  • Price

    Another important consideration is the wallet’s price. With a few exceptions, most hot wallets are free and most cold wallets must be purchased. Deciding which option to go for depends mainly on the amount of security required.
    If you’re just going to have a small value of Altcoins, then a hot wallet might suffice. However, if you plan to invest in the best Altcoins and HODL them, a secure cold, or hardware wallet, is better.

    Exchanging Currencies

    Some of the best Altcoin wallets provide integrated solutions to help you exchange currencies conveniently.

    Best digital wallet for altcoins

    This led to quite a few complaints, so if your intention is to store and manage Tron’s TRX coin, you might want to skip this one.

    2) Freewallet: Crypto Wallet

    The next on our list is Freewallet, which is actually an entire family of wallets that were founded five years ago, in 2016. In only two years, the company became the third-most-popular wallet provider in the world. Of course, like most custodial wallets, it was facing a lot of mistrust from certain members of the crypto industry, who were keeping a close eye on it, waiting for it to make mistakes.

    This has led to its reputation rising and falling quite a lot over the years.

    Still, it managed to maintain quite a large and loyal community thanks to its features and benefits.

    Best desktop wallets for altcoins

    Before exploring these factors, let’s take you through some of the different types of altcoins wallets available in the market.

    Software altcoins wallet

    Software altcoins wallet is a broad name for application-based altcoin wallet. It can be broken down into online (web) altcoin wallets, desktop altcoin wallets, and mobile alt coin wallets.

    Online altcoin wallets

    Online wallets for altcoins are cloud-based applications that users can access via their computers. All you need do is register on the application, get your private key, and start facilitating transactions. A lot of crypto practitioners opt for this type of wallet for altcoins because it is easy to use. However, utilizing an online altcoin wallet exposes you to more risks than you would normally encounter on other types of altcoin wallets.

    Best hard wallet for altcoins

    accept more than 1,100 different Altcoins and ICO tokens and is very easy to use, ideal for both beginner and experienced users. The Nano S is a hardware wallet that includes tamper-alert software.

    The wallet’s retail price is €59, which is very reasonable given its benefits. For security purposes, the device must always be with you in order to approve transactions. However, in order to improve convenience, Ledger provides a mobile application to help make navigation and execution easier.


    ProsCons• Easy to use • Supports over 50 coins and tokens • Private key access • Available across devices and OS• Supports a relatively small number of coins and tokens • Less secure than cold wallets

    Guarda is a hot wallet that has the distinct advantage of working across devices and browsers.

    Furthermore, this wallet lets you interact directly with Ethereum-based Decentralised Apps (DApps).

    Trezor Model One

    ProsCons• Easy to use • Extremely safe and reliable • Supports over 1,000 different coins and tokens • Very good value for money• No private key access • Navigation is less convenient due to buttons

    Trezor is a well-known manufacturer of secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallets. Set up just a year after Bitcoin was launched, it provides support for over 1,000 different Altcoins and tokens. The Model One is the cheaper of the company’s main wallets and retails at €59.
    This model features navigation buttons instead of the touch screen offered by the more expensive Model T.

    Trezor’s Model One is easy to use and ideal for both beginners and experienced users.

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